Cosmetic Dentistry Serving Albury Wodonga

Family Friendly Dentistry

We encourage regular check ups for all family members to ensure that any changes in teeth and gum health are identified early. This is so we can make sure that teeth do not become worn, decayed or otherwise compromised. At check ups, children are educated in good teeth cleaning techniques ensuring greater preservation of teeth in the future. 

All dental examinations  at our surgery include:

  • A check of all the teeth and existing fillings
  • Checking the health of the gums and monitoring change
  • Checking all soft tissues for signs of change and disease
  • Checking muscles and joints that allow the jaw to move

A regular check up every six to twelve months is the best way to avoid dental disease in the future

Restorative Treatments

When patients present with pain, it often indicates that decay is present. Following investigation and x-ray identification, the dentist will remove the decayed area, and use high performance teeth coloured materials to replace decayed,  worn and broken  teeth. Our surgery uses up to date bonding techniques and high quality filling materials which ensure successful, natural looking and long wearing solutions.

Crown, Bridge, & Cosmetic Dentistry


Crown and Bridge work and Veneers are all applications which provide patients with the options of bringing teeth back to their former glory, to restore form and function. The decision making in going forward with these treatments can be around achieving better quality of life by replacing missing or non-functioning teeth. These treatments can also be the key to creating a more aesthetic display of the teeth than the patient currently has. Patients can discuss with their dentist, everything from teeth groove shape, to shade and colour and relative sizing. If there is something about your teeth you think could be improved, talk to your dentist about what options are available.


A crown is used to cover a damaged tooth, preserving and improving appearance, shape and alignment. Crowns are made from porcelain or ceramic materials and are crafted to match in with the existing teeth. The crown is bonded to existing teeth to improve form and function and make the bite retain its normal position. Improving bite by building up where a tooth has become compromised ensures that existing teeth do not become overworn, thus creating a secondary problem.


A bridge is often used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It is sometimes an alternative treatment to replacing teeth with dental implants. The device is attached to adjoining teeth or implants on either side of the space being filled in. Having a bridge allows patients to preserve the normal look of the teeth, maintaining proper bite and function. Replacing missing teeth also assists in maintaining facial form and can prevent other teeth becoming over used.


A veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the look of the tooth or to protect the tooth surface. The veneer is made of dental composite or porcelain  materials.  Veneers can give a patient the opportunity to really enhance the look of their teeth which may have become discoloured or uneven over time. The patient can discuss with their dentist how they want their smile to look, how much teeth they want showing and what is the right shade and shape for them.

Teeth Preservation & Disease Prevention

The cornerstone of all dentistry should be the preservation of the original teeth in good condition.

This includes management of gums and teeth to ensure that the patient has maximum function without developing problems. Our treatments focus not only on identifying issues as they occur, but preventing them happening in the first place. This means that good oral hygiene instruction and management is essential from a patient’s earliest visit. When problems do occur, our practice will discuss all options with patients, and help them decide on the right approach to managing issues such as gum disease, decay and decalcification.

Allied Services

The Hygienist Visit

If your dentist suggests a visit to the hygienist, it is usually because some specialized cleaning is required, to preserve teeth and gums in their optimum condition. Good oral hygiene via a trip to the Hygienist is also especially important when the patient is undergoing some other sort of treatment such as orthodontics to ensure that the primary treatment is successful. The hygienist takes up to 45 minutes to descale teeth, removing plaque build up and ensuring gums are not receding or being overburdened with bacteria. Advice about specialised cleaning products and techniques can be discussed and we retail a range of products to assist the patient achieve the best result possible. 

Sleep Apnoea Treatments

Patients who have trouble sleeping will often be referred for a sleep test by a GP or other medical specialist. This can sometimes result in a recommendation that the patient be fitted with a sleeping device to ensure a more satisfactory sleep. The patient is referred to our practice by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, where in consultation with the referring specialist the patient is fitted with the Somnnodent sleeping device.  Enquire with your GP and relevant specialists to decide if this treatment is right for you

Zoom Whitening Treatment

​​Teeth whitening is the number 1 requested and performed cosmetic dental procedure and it’s easy to see why. A simple teeth whitening procedure can make such a significant difference to the overall appearance of your smile and the results are instant.

A Zoom treatment at Central Dental Group requires a 90 minute appointment with our hygienist. Book in today for a brighter, whiter smile.

Find out more about Zoom Whitening